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Insurance Brokerage in the Yukon since 1906

Our founder Thomas Andrew Firth arrived in the Yukon in 1897 via the Chilkoot Pass during the Klondike Gold Rush. He mined on little Blanche Creek and Mint Gulch in the Dawson mining district, but soon found that his “pen was mightier than his pick.” He secured his first brokerage licence on September 1, 1906, and operated until his death in 1941.

Howard W. Firth Sr. Joins Our Insurance Firm

The “& Son” was added to the business name when Howard W. Firth Sr. joined the firm in 1937. T.A. Firth & Son later moved to Whitehorse in 1954. Howard Firth Sr., who was also Mayor of Dawson City and of Whitehorse, ran the business until his death in 1977.

Thomas Andrew Firth’s Grandsons Continue the Legacy

On September 1st 1965 T.A. Firth’s grandsons Thomas P. Firth and Howard W. Firth Jr. joined the firm and have operated the business since then. On September 1st 2006 T.A. Firth & Son Ltd. celebrated its 100th anniversary as the oldest active family business in the Yukon.

Put a century of experience to work for you, and call us today to discuss your insurance needs!

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